I spent the week at the Seattle Scrum Gathering, starting with a day-long retreat for Certified Scrum Coaches and Trainers. I learned a lot this week and made a lot of notes about things to check out, new ideas, new tools, new people, etc. Then I left the gathering in a hurry to catch my plane and accidently left my notebook behind. I am pretty sure it got gathered up with the trash. So I had a great time but was bummed to lose my external memory. Yeah, I know, a modern person would take notes with an iPad and never let go of it. Oh well. If I promised you something, please send me a reminder.

I got to see a lot of old friends. I made some new friends. And I think I mended one fence. And it was great to run into some of my CSM students who are doing really well. I also missed seeing a few friends who were not present.

I was asked to organize a coaching clinic. In keeping with the “foodie” theme of the conference, we called it “Scrum to Go”. scrumtogoA number of experienced coaches, many Certified Scrum Coaches, volunteered to talk with people in 15 and 30 minute time slots. We had a lot of walk-in business, too. We coaches got a great chance to co-coach with others as well. It was a big success.

Here are some things from the gathering:

My presentation:  “Lean Strategies for IT Support Organizations” http://twurl.nl/a4ox7n

A few grainy pictures from the Scrum To Go coaching clinic: https://picasaweb.google.com/rwbrown900/ScrumToGo#

A few notes from my open space session “How to Launch a Team: ” at http://sgsea2011.posterous.com/how-to-launch-a-team

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Fun at the Seattle Scrum Gathering 2011

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