I like to brighten up my training classes with wall posters. They typically reproduce slides in my presentation materials. In one class we had some audio-visual challenges and I actually used the posters as my slides . They serve as reminders of important concepts throughout the class and a focal point for specific exercises.

At first, I struggled with various technologies for making posters but finally found the magic formula. Here it is for anyone who would like to try it.

Sample Poster


  • Create a new presentation in Power Point.
  • Go to Design – Page Setup, choose “Custom” for slide size and set the print size you want. I use 24×36 inches because that is a standard choice at Staples where I do my printing.
  • Have just one slide in the deck and make your poster on it. Font sizes will be larger than you normally use. All shapes scale easily and print cleanly.
  • Any photo images should be high-res to print well (300 dpi minimum).
  • Save as pdf for printing.
  • You can test-print on 8.5×11 from a pdf reader. It is a good idea to do that for a final layout check.
You can get the pdfs printed at your local print shop. Black and white posters are inexpensive. Color versions are quite expensive. I usually print a new one in black and white and use it a few times to be sure it does what I want, then print it in color and have it laminated to protect the investment. Laminated posters can be used many times, rolled up and put in a tube for transport.


Posters in Use
Posters in Use
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How to Make a Training Poster

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