I was invited to speak at Agile SoCal on 6/18/14 and offered the topic of “The Agile Coaching Profession”. I knew from previous sessions that many of the regulars are coaches or do some coaching in their work so I thought it would be fun to share my view of the profession.  I had the good fortune to be relatively early into this field and created my own career path, following the footsteps of several early trailblazers. I wanted to return the favor by sharing my story with those now choosing their own path into what is now a market-legitimized profession.

I often share my professional experience and perspectives at OpenSpace type events but I have never done it quite this formally. I had an audience of about 23 people. I attempted to engage them with meaty information, Q&A, and short exercises for identifying their own growth opportunities. We also did a “Speed Coaching” exercise to illustrate the difference between the coaching mindset (ask) and traditional consulting (tell). I introduced the exercise with this tongue-in-cheek slide to illustrate how the difference might manifest in an Agile Transition Coaching scenario.


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I also brought along my travel buddy, Spike, who helps in my training and coaching work.


Click here to see the slides.






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Presentation: The Agile Coaching Profession

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