My blog has always had a pretty personal tone. This post may be the most personal of all. If i thought more than 3 people will read this, I might feel a bit shy. But here goes, better late than never.

I have been slow to announce my retirement from the Agile space. The reason is that I already announced it three times before it actually stuck. Fun work kept popping up that I could not resist. Plus there was the weirdness of the Covid shutdown when a lot of my colleagues re-tooled for remote training and coaching. I maintained some coaching capability but passed on the training shift as a poor investment at this late point in my career.

As of April of this year, I am no longer taking clients for training or coaching. In thanks to all of my friends, collaborators and clients, I re-purposed my website at to be a sort of memoir with pictures from my Agile career. Have a look if you ever had a class with me or helped out in a Coaches Clinic. There may be a picture that sparks a memory, hopefully a pleasant one. As an added bonus, I have made many of my training materials available for free at

There is a slim chance that I may still post an article or two here. I have a lot of drafts in a folder somewhere. And I have a lot of mini-lectures to share, though they are starting to decay for lack of repetition. If there is any topic you may have heard from me in a class or coaching session that you would like a reminder of, let me know and I will see what I can do.

I am busy with other endeavors that I hope to announce formally (LinkedIn, I guess) in the coming months. Who cares, really? But moving to a new business domain may bring new connections so I will follow the protocols.

While the Agile world is full of great people and more are moving up the ranks as some of us retire, I can’t help but leave the community with a couple of modern tools to fill some of the space I am vacating. Stayed tuned for the next post…

Cheers and hopes for a more peaceful Planet Earth and Human Race,

Roger Brown November, 2023

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Goodbye to Agile Crossing

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