You knew it was going to happen some day, right? We would all be replaced by robots. Well, since I am retired from Agile Coaching now, I recruited a robot to take my place. And she has a sidekick for any of you who want a deeper understanding of agility and better business practices, not to mention the powerful forces working overtime to create chaos on Planet Earth.

Introducing my two AI constructs:

  • Agile Explainer: Interactive guidance on Agile Software Development and related methods from basics to advanced.
  • Systems Explainer: The powerful world of Systems Thinking at your fingertips.

These are specialty GPTs that are remarkably good if I do say so myself. I am not too worried about people in Systems Thinking going unemployed. That was my earlier career and it did not pay my bills back in the 1970’s. Agile expertise is another matter, though. The Agile Explainer has access to a whole lot of information and is ready to answer your questions, and maybe ask a few of its own. Use it if you can’t find a coach when you need one. Fun challenge: ask the GPT your question first then ask your coach, see how well the conversations align. Play Stump the Agile Coach!

I apologize for the pay wall. At this time (11/23), you will need a ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise account to use these. OpenAI did not give a free option. They have LLMs to feed, after all.

Enjoy and please don’t be too mad at me. It was going to happen eventually.

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The Robots Have Arrived

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