Certified Agile Leadership Level I, Jan. 18-20, 2017 in Tustin, CA

My colleague Pete Behrens is offering a great new course Certified Agile Leadership Level I, Jan. 18-20, 2017 in Tustin, CA. This course is the first step in a great new Scrum Alliance program for managers, directors, VPs and executives who want to expand their understanding and effectiveness at building truly Agile organizations. Coaches are welcome, too.

If you are an organization leader, contact us for a discount code.

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Is Scrum the Best Agile Framework?

In this post I want to show where Scrum fits in the greater scheme of things now that we are well into the 21st Century. The context here is software development, where Scrum got its start. Scrum is used for many other types of work now but we are going to stick with software in this post. We will see that Scrum is just one tool in the set for achieving business agility.


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Is Scrum the Best Choice for Any Kind of Work?

A frequently asked question in Scrum classes is this: ”Is Scrum best for every type of project?” My answer is “No”. I will explain this answer in three different ways in my next 3 posts. In this one, I will present  a mashup four-quadrant model derived from two prior sources that gives us any easy way to compare two fairly obvious work characteristics to known process frameworks.  (more…)

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A Sprint is Not a 2-Week Waterfall!

One of the most frequent Scrum questions I get in my travels is this:

“How can we improve our Sprints so that we don’t run out of time for testing?”

The answer is simple. Stop treating your Sprints like a short waterfall. You run out of testing time because team members are still working in silos and think that testing comes after coding. Instead, we want to use Agile and Lean principles to improve our Sprint flow, reduce risk and get more done with less effort.  (more…)

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