I was honored to present at the Scrum Alliance(r) Austin Scrum Gathering in the Champions of Agile Track on May 23, 2019. My topic was “Why Hire an Agile Coach?”.

The slides from my talk are available here.

I don’t think anyone recorded the talk and I don’t know a good way to condense 45 minutes of information (and informed opinion) into text, so I will just summarize the objectives and conclusions here:


  • How to describe an Agile Coach
  • How to identify Agile Coach competencies
  • How to distinguish good Coaches
  • How to value an Agile Coach


  • You will reach Agility sooner
  • The path will be smoother
  • Your Agility will be more sustainable
  • An Agile Coach is a bargain

Take a look at the slides to see how we got from the beginning to the end. Meanwhile I will think about how best to share the details.

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Why Hire an Agile Coach?

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